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The Little House -

A Brief History:

The Little House was a gift to Delta. It was donated to Delta in October 1979 by a local resident who wanted it to be used in perpetuity to help South Delta's citizens. The first group to use the little house was RADAT, the legendary Richmond alcohol and drug recovery program who were brought in to help locals with addictions issues. As awareness of the existence of the "Little House" grew, other groups such as Delta-based anonymous recovery groups started holding group-study meetings there.

A Non-Profit is born

The Little House Society (, based in Delta, is a non-profit society which has served south Delta for over 45 years as a focus of support and hope for those touched by substance abuse disorders. The "Little House" provides a useful, low-profile, place for group recovery meetings, individual counselling, group therapy, and workshops.

At the time, the Little House was truly a "little house"! It was a humble 1-BR uninsulated farm-house, typical of the simple homes built half-a-century ago. But it served people well! Local South Delta residents donated furniture, coffee cups, and light-bulbs and did any repairs required. The local supporters raked the leaves, shovelled snow, fixed the plumbing - and even fixed the roof!

The Original Little House


Unfortunately, in 2009, the original Little House was struck by arson, and burned to the ground. This was a huge blow to the various substance recovery groups who had nowhere else to meet. St-David's church came to the rescue and cheerfully welcomed the various "recovery groups" in the finest church tradition. But this was a burden on the church, so the Little House occupants got to work organizing first repairs - and then reconstruction - when it became clear that the Little House was totally beyond repair.

Volunteers to the Rescue

The people who took on this challenge were local South Delta volunteers, and the names of the organizers are on a plaque near the entrance of the new Little House. And they raised staggering sums! Approximately $150,000 in cash, and $350,000 in materials such as design and engineering, framing, concrete, doors, windows, roofing, plumbing, gas, paving, fencing. And it was all donated to Delta on the understanding that Delta would take care of it in perpetuity, just as the generous and anonymous benefactors wanted.

In the News!

The story of the Little House is followed closely by the local news media: